Shred City is your first successful drop in on a mini ramp. It is the feeling of the stomp after nailing a back lip on a rail after eight heartbreaking attempts. It is a night of cheap whiskey and good stories with your crew around your kitchen table. It’s skating mini until it’s too dark to see and headbanging at a metal show even when there’s only fifteen people there. It’s PBR tallboys for two dollars a piece at the bar and early summer cliff jumping into freezing water. It’s the fork holes in your leg you don’t know how you got and the girl in your bed whose name you don’t remember. It’s a local skate art opening with free box wine and the success of distracting security while your friend gets the shot. It’s the artistic inspiration you get from a freshly uncapped can of spray paint. It’s a car full of your homies, blasting your favorite Misfits mixtape. When you are in these moments-the ones you live to create and remember, you are in Shred City-time slows, nothing else matters, and you’re complete because of the experience. A new clothing brand from Burlington, Vermont that fits you in every epic moment of your life. Limited runs now available. Spread the Shred.

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