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OndulPointe is currently an online based deluxe clothing brand. Coming from a combination of two French words "ondulation" and "pointe", together it makes a definition of "the ripple point" or "the point of change." As a brand, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of a person while bringing out the artist in each person's soul. Above all else, we strive to encourage our customers the experience the best adventures life has to offer.

Most of our apparel designs contain artistic influence from classical and historical Arabic art. Our apparel will not be limited to this, but the spirit of the appreciation of the complexity of life has affected us as a company to the very core. In addition to what we have to offer, we have made it our company policy to give back to the world that has inspired us, whether it be locally or abroad. For each individual item sold, it is our promise to give 10% of each sale to a charity. We hope that you all enjoy our products as much as we do making them and that you would join us on this amazing adventure.

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